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Discover the best photos, illustrations and video content available to license for your next campaign, all in one place. With one click, iSPY searches through the millions of images from leading stock agencies, speciality collections and best-in class creators. Compare results side-by-side and click to purchase from your preferred provider, because that’s how we roll.

Create and Manage Lightboxes. Store Images & Licenses.

Find what you are looking for? Create Lightboxes where you can store image selects, Oh, and did we say that you can also create Projects where you can attach multiple lightboxes and store licenses? Yep. You can manage all your image projects within iSPY.

Filter by Collection, Subject, Media and License Type.

Tight Budgets? We get it. Need RF or Video? Our filters are the answer. You can quickly sift through collections, search by media type, license type and subject category. You can even set results to show side by side, all with the click of a button.

Collaborate with colleagues and clients.

We know that teams are important; that you need to be able to collaborate and share image selects. It’s easy within iSPY. Share your projects & lightboxes. Invite colleagues to collaborate. Then they can add or delete images, like and comment, and even reach out directly to Suppliers

Are you a creator or licensor?

If you want to be represented on iSPY, click the link below. We are always looking for new and unique collections to join us in our journey to make finding and working with images a breeze.

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