iSPY is so much more than a deep search engine for images.

On iSPY you get your own personalized workspace. For Creative Pros, this means you can set up and manage all your image projects on iSPY.  Cool, right?

By creating a new project, you are creating a collaboration space for you and your team. You can tie this to a client or to a specific project. Within each project you have a documents locker, where you are able to upload inspiration, proposals, and license agreements, and you also have unlimited lightboxes (for paid subscribers). With lightboxes, you can organize image selections any way you like. Invite your team to the project, where they will be able to access everything. Or you may invite them to a specific lightbox, where they will only be able to access the images within that lightbox.

Oh, and did we tell you that you and your collaborators can comment on and like any image in your lightboxes? Or,  If you have questions, you can just reach out to the provider within the system?

That’s right. Search, compare, collaborate and communicate — all in one place.  And breath a little easier.

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