iSPY Visuals is happy to announce that we are now official partners with Shutterstock for still images and video.

Shutterstock is in the house.

Shutterstock offers a wide variety of still images, video and music tracks. They boast that creatives have downloaded more than a billion images from their site (yes, with a B), so we knew we needed to connect with them. They also have more than a million contributors, 300 million still images with 200,000 added daily.

We hope you will check them out by going into filters and selecting Shutterstock – you can search on either stills or footage.  You can also apply our filters to enhance your search.  For example, select the auto filter and search on red, or select medical and search on child.

Happy searching!

Karen D’Silva is a founder of iSPY and employee number 2. D’Silva has more than 20 years experience in photography, creative and marketing. She has worked for and with photography agencies like Image Bank, Getty Images, Photonica, and Superstock. She has also worked with many top professional photographers and videographers.